New Adventures

As I sit in the car, I watch. One tree comes into view, then another after another. This continues until all I see are trees, flowers, and nature. Shopping complexes and entertainment centres have now disappeared. I’m surrounded by something I’ve never had the opportunity to grasp; inner peace. I feel hesitant to embrace it, for the fear that it may slip through my fingers before I get the chance to enjoy it. Enjoy the smell of the blooming flowers, the feeling of the breeze on my skin, and the sound of the still earth. This fear, it holds me back in many ways, but I want to confront it and let go. I want to finally enjoy the good that mother earth has to offer. So I step out of my car and I walk, into nature, into adventure, and into inner peace.


Five Compelling Photos.

My Love For Mornings

  Mornings! Before the world is awake, before the sounds of the car engines take over the sweet melodies of the birds. I take my walks then. I try to snatch up as much beauty as I can. I want it all to myself, as selfish as it sounds. I want the sandstone as I walk off the path of the road and unto the beach. I want a possible picture of the barks of the trees. I want to see the dark skies part and watch the bright clouds form. I want to watch them break apart and venture off, knowing that soon, they’ll come back together. And most importantly, I want to watch the world wake up, I want to hear the sounds of cars take over the melodies of the birds.

Why I Write.

I write because I get to create something out of nothing. That being, I can create a masterpiece out of a small thought. Writing is a form of escape for me. It is a way for me to store my thoughts on how my day is going, to store the dreams I have for a great future, and to store the wishes I make for a great life. When I write I get to create my perfect world, a world where my anger, sadness, and fears do not exist. A world where I can be the true version of myself without fear of being ridiculed. A world where I am more compassionate to the people around me. I write about a world where I work on becoming a better version of myself. A version that is more involved and helpful around the community. A version where my emotional and mental health is taken care of. I write about a world where my wishes have been granted and my dreams are no longer just dreams, but instead my reality. As I sit in my cozy corner, I write about a world where I have become a better version of myself.